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A. Due diligence on 24,500 net HBP’d acres in Midland Basin, Texas.

B. Due diligence on 22,000 net acres in the East Eagle Ford extensionheld by leases in the primary term with other zones HBP’d by various operators.

C. 17,000 net contiguous acres acquired through green pasture leasing in East Texastargeting multiple zones.

D .Completed multiple lease checks and competitor area maps in McMullen, Live Oak and LaSalle Counties which resulted in the acquisition of 12,000 net acres acquired through leasing.

E. Multiple lease checks and area competitor analysis’ covering large areas in the Delaware and Midland Basins, throughout New Mexico and Texas.

F. Acquired 2,200 net acres through seismic option agreements to establish a solid conventional position in the Smackover formation, South Alabama.

G.Established a late position of 3,700 non-contiguous net acres in the core of the Haynesville shalethrough detailed research and leasing efforts.

H. Lease management and database integration for multiple asset positions and acquisitions in the Bakken, North Dakota and Wyoming.

I. Due diligence and lease acquisition title on 6500 net acres in the Anadarko Basin covering parts of Oklahoma and Texas.

J. Identified and acquired approximately 6,000 Net Acres through assignments of producing leases in Harris County, TX.

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